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We welcome you to inepro North America. Our latest expansion outside the Netherlands, Germany, England, Spain, Hong Kong and Latin America! Are you looking for a hassle-free payment or authentication solution for devices such as printers, vending machines, PCs, charging stations or cash registers? We are here for you!


inepro is a supplier and developer of high-quality payment, authentication and management solutions that take time-consuming administrative tasks off your hands or even eliminate them. inepro offers both the hardware and the software that fit seamlessly together to provide you with a full-service concept. One supplier and one point of contact. Speaking of convenience!


inepro has an impressive portfolio of products and services that are adopted worldwide. Below you will find a selection:

RFID Readers

inepro offers contactless solutions for secure access to products, services or specific areas. Our portfolio consists of various scalable and multi-applicable innovative solutions for identification, authentication & authorization, including RFID and mobile. Our latest innovation is the Spider RFID reader series, which can be perfectly integrated in any device through its various sizes. The Spider RFID series supports a wide range of LF and HF technologies, including NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy, making it suitable for use in a wide range of applications, regardless of security standards or existing systems. Read more...


Since 2019 inepro is a proud distributor of KUARIO, the most comprehensive cloud-based platform for device and identity management, monitoring, reporting, and accounting including a mobile (micro) payment platform. KUARIO's award-winning solutions are ideally suited for mobile payments at unattended self-service devices, such as vending machines, MFP printers, coffee machines and more. Read more...


inepro offers a wide range of high-quality certified electricity meters to fit your needs. By combining innovation, experience, and expertise, we ensure our customers a boost in productivity and efficiency. Whether you are looking for a simple portable, plug-in solution for measuring mobile energy users or a multi-phase, bi-directional meter with the most innovative connection and communication features, we have the solution for you. Read more...

inepro USA webshop

inepro USA offers its innovative products in a special web shop especially for all partners, dealers, clients and guests within the Americas.

Please CLICK HERE to visit the store.

Marco Linting, president of inepro USA LLC

With 25 years at inepro, having seen all facets of the company and being part of its growth, Marco Linting is now starting a new great adventure in Miami, USA. With a thorough understanding of your processes and the often-additional time-consuming tasks, Marco would be pleased to introduce you to the added value of our solutions designed to make your payment, authentication, and management processes more efficient.

Curious about what we can do for your organization? Please feel free to contact Marco via the contact form below or by email or telephone:

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inepro USA LLC

Marco Linting
3350 SW 148th Ave.
Suite 110
Miramar, Florida 33027
United States

Phone: +1 800-434-4085

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