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Spider RFID reader perfect match for Ricoh's print management software RUG

As part of an extensive project at the University of Groningen (RUG), Ricoh Netherlands recently equipped hundreds of Multi-Functional Printers (MFPs) with an inepro RFID reader.
inepro Spider RFID readers at University Groningen

As part of an extensive project at the University of Groningen (RUG), Ricoh Netherlands recently equipped hundreds of Multi-Functional Printers (MFPs) with an inepro RFID reader. Compatibility with Ricoh's Streamline NX print management solution was one of the main reasons why the Spider RFID reader was selected. Integrating Ricoh's Streamline NX and the reader makes printing, copying and scanning with the RUG card even faster and easier. In addition, the MFPs meet all user and security requirements set by the university.

Better printing

After winning the European tender again in 2015, Ricoh and the RUG initiated a change process with the objective of making significant savings in CO2 emissions, energy and paper usage and expenses. Ricoh also manages the entire printer fleet via an on-site service and facilitates various in-house print shops at the university. "An important part of the whole process was an update of the print management system of the Ricoh MFPs, which can be found in the various university buildings in the centre and on the campus. We recently started this project," says Ronald Jansen, Senior Account Manager at Ricoh Nederland.

Large-scale migration to Streamline NX and card reader replacement

"At the beginning of this year, we started the migration to our managed print solution Streamline NX. A large-scale project, because there are about 500 MFPs operational at the various locations of the RUG. This involved not only implementing the Streamline NX print management software on the machines but also replacing phased-out devices and migrating the user accounts of more than 30,000 students and 6,000 employees. The card readers, which allow secure access to the printer via the RUG card, also needed to be replaced. The old ones were not compatible with the new print management system," says Ronald Jansen.

Choosing the inepro Spider RFID reader

"Ricoh Europe recommended the inepro reader because of its characteristic features such as the high reading speed, short reading distance and high security standard. We have installed 372 Spider RFID readers at the RUG. Besides the compatibility with our Streamline NX suite, another advantage of the Spider is that it can be easily integrated into Ricoh MFPs. This means that there are no separate elements outside the machine," says Ronald Jansen.

The migration from Streamline NX is now completed. "We have been testing it extensively over the past few months and the initial reactions have been very positive. Students and staff have expressed that the overall ease of use of our printing services has increased enormously."

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Jos van de Hulsbeek works as a contract manager at ROC Nijmegen. He is the liaison between the educational institution and suppliers. In his role he translates the user requirements of teachers, students and employees of the educational institution into solutions.

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