Authentication of users for secure access and releasing products.

We provide contactless authentication solutions for product release and identity management for access to common areas. These include innovative solutions for identification, authentication & authorisation, ranging from RFID to mobile. With this, we support our partners in achieving the desired security level within organisations.

Spider BLE & RFID Reader

The Spider is a powerful BLE & RFID Reader that makes the authentication experience outstanding. This versatile reader supports all relevant RFID technologies, Bluetooth Low Energy and NFC simultaneously. With its many configuration options and different (customisable) models, it easily fits anywhere.

Multi-frequency RFID reader for authentication

For every type of authentication
The Spider is an RFID reader that authenticates users via an ID carrier such as a contactless card, bracelet or tag. With this, the user can for example gain access to a building, make use of secure and/or paid printing or pay at a vending machine or cash register.
Widely applicable
The Spider RFID can be used for everything that requires a user to authenticate himself or when payment with a (prepaid) credit is required. For example, an access control system, but also at a charging station, a multifunctional printer (MFP), vending machines, canteen cash registers, PCs, digiboards and much more.
Ready for the future
Besides more than 125 LF and HF technologies, the Spider RFID reader also supports NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy. Which not only enables configuration and updating remotely or via BLE, but the user can also easily authenticate via mobile phone via Bluetooth.
Seamless integration
The Spider RFID series consists of several RFID readers. The Spider Core, the smallest in size, can be easily integrated into any device. For applications such as accessing a computer or payment at a cash register the Spider Desktop is developed. The Spider Desktop MFP can be mounted on the side of an MFP and the Spider Pocket can be seamlessly integrated in a printer or locker.
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SCR708 RFID reader

The SCR708 is a multi-frequency RFID reader for cards, passes, key tags & other tags, and can be used for various applications such as access control, secure printing, or paying at a cash register.

Identification, authentication & payments

For a wide range of RFID applications
The SCR708 is a multi-frequency RFID reader, which can easily be incorporated in different devices like multifunctional printers, cash registers, laptops or PCs. It can be used to allow payments using an ID card in the canteen, of for secure access to buildings, rooms, MFPs, PCs, charging stations or Digi boards, for example.
All card technologies
The SCR708 RFID reader supports all card technologies in the range of 125 kHz & 13.56 MHz. This makes it possible to manage different standards within an organisation. The SCR708 reads RFID cards quickly and simultaneously. To ensure a safe and reliable reader, encryption technologies are used.
Remote maintenance
Installing the SCR708 could not be easier. The RFID reader is plug & play and very maintenance friendly. You can perform updates and configurations remotely. There is a config card available that can initiate a configuration process, by pairing this card to the card reader.
Ease of use
The SCR708 RFID reader offers a lot of convenience to users. It does not only read the cards very quickly, but also has a very long reading range. By using secure RFID cards, passes, key tags and other tags, the use of keys and various payment methods is unecessary. In case of loss or theft, the cards can easily be blocked.
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KUARIO mobile app

With the KUARIO mobile app it is possible for users to identify & authenticate via QR codes.

Authenticate easily & quickly with your mobile phone

Authenticate, pay and more
The KUARIO app works through scanning QR codes. In addition to authentication and payment, you have direct access to your credit balance, you can top up your balance, activate 'automatic top-ups' of funds, view all historic transactions, or even transfer credit to other KUARIO users. In addition, users can also be invited to separate user groups.
Also for self-service devices
Self-service devices include vending machines, washing machines & dryers, multifunction printers (MFPs), coffee machines, cash registers, charging stations for electric vehicles, lockers and more! The KUARIO app doesn't care which self-service device you use. The KUARIO app takes care of the entire authentication, ordering & payment process. This facilitates a safe use of contactless payments within your organisation.
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Spider ID app

Smartphones play an increasingly important role in our daily lives. We use our phones whenever and wherever we can. Now, users of the Spider ID app can easily and securely access spaces, products or services, without the need for physical ID cards or tags.

Free & sustainable authentication

No ID cards or tags needed
The use of ID cards and tags can be costly and is harmful to the environment, as they are made from plastic. The Spider ID app is free and is a very sustainable alternative, which can be used for authentication at any Spider RFID reader.
Convenience & Safety
The Spider ID app offers convenience and the highest level of security standards, including man-in-the-middle (MITM) detection, asymmetric encryption and utilisation of unique keys. The majority of people carry their mobile phones with them and keep them fully secured, so with the use of the Spider ID app for authentication, the risks associated with the loss of ID cards and tags are eliminated.
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Spider Configurator app

Wouldn’t it be great to configure RFID readers remotely? Well with the Spider Configurator app you can do exactly that with our Spider RFID readers. Simply load the required configuration into the app and then remotely apply this to the Spider RFID reader by scanning its unique QR code.

Easy and secure Spider RFID programming

Efficient configuring and updating
To upload the required configuration to the Spider RFID reader, simply scan the QR code for the reader with the Spider Configurator app. With the app, we provide an easy to use tool allowing updates and changes to be quickly and securely applied to each Spider RFID reader, thus eliminating the need for configuration cards to be created, supplied and applied.
The highest security standards
The Spider Configurator app removes the need for a configuration card, removing the risk of an (unprotected) card being lost. The app uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology for communication. To ensure high levels of security the Spider Configurator app is equipped with various security standards, including asymmetric encryption, man-in-the-middle (MITM) detection, and unique keys. In addition to this, user data and configurations are not saved.
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